I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, with 19 years of experience supporting individuals and families to become more secure and confident in their everyday lives. I am also certified in ART therapy.  Throughout my career, it’s been my pleasure to support those I work with, to begin to connect and move through life changes while learning to understand themselves, those around them,  and behavior patterns that may have served in the past, but do no longer. Wherever you are in your journey, I'm so grateful you have decided to commit to yourself, because ultimately that is where it begins.  I have had a great deal of experience during my career, working with individuals moving through many of life's transitions and at times challenges.  Whether it is a parent navigating day to day with a family, a couple trying to communicate more effectively, a young person walking the changes of childhood to adolescence, women’s health, pregnancy support, perinatal mood disorders and symptoms related to postpartum depression and anxiety, or loss, I will do my best to support you where you are at.  I believe each of us is triggered by past and present life circumstances that contribute to how we cope day to day. My approach is solution-focused and client-centered because I believe in the value of connection, feeling heard, and recognizing people for their individuality and personal needs. I am committed to being a bridge to support you in gaining coping skills, positive emotional health, reducing the severity and frequency of symptoms.

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-You can't change whats going on around you until you start changing whats going on within you.-

​​​​​Sara Nuahn, MSW, LICSW