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Create balance. Feed your soul. Fuel your body. Expand your mind. Strengthen yourself. - Author Unknown

A Jade stone is considered a powerful healing stone that signifies wisdom, gathered in tranquility, dispelling the negative and encouraging one to see themselves as they really are. Jade is the stone of calm in midst of chaos, and works to create balance, temper stress and hopelessness in young and old. It works to release negative thoughts and irritability, to soothe the mind, and stabilize one's personality. A Jade stone works to integrate one’s mind and body, and to stimulate ideas for healthy and hopeful coping skills.
Jade Counseling is developed through a belief that one's mind, body, and emotional health is interconnected, and all play a role in behaviors, symptoms and coping. I believe in working with you, not giving up easily, and identifying areas of growth and change to build personal awareness, confidence, and understanding of symptoms and how they affect day to day functioning.

Jade Counseling, LLC was created by Sara Nuahn out of a strong passion for emotional wellness and the mind, body connection. Paying attention to and exerting some control over your emotional, behavioral, and mental states can foster a sense of calm, enhance optimism, or provide social support as well as improve the quality of life, or just allow you to cope better with symptoms. I have a strong passion for proactive, early interventions, not only working with young people to gain personal self-awareness, but support adults and those who may be going through life challenges and changes to do the same.

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